Azieza and Ryan

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How We Met

Our love story isn't a typical one, but we met pretty typically; At work.

Azieza just started working where Ryan worked, and during on-boarding week, both their teams went to lunch together.

Azieza's reaction when she met Ryan the first time..

"Oh.My.Goodness! Who is he? Where does he come from?!!! What's his name? Is he on Facebook?!". She immediately rushed to send her friend a text and said, "I just met the cutest guy today!".

It was pretty much love at first sight for Azieza. To her, Ryan was, what she described as tall, dark & handsome - Major bonus, he dresses really well & is eloquent too; Basically the two things Azieza liked in a man. Little did she know that her crush on Ryan went on for about two years and he became her O.C. - Office Crush. Everyone knew she had a "crush" on him. Well, except for Ryan himself. Her fascination with Ryan grew and grew by day, but she became that weird girl whom never said a word around him because she felt like she could explode if she did.

Ryan has a huge personality and being the outgoing person he is, he tries to engage in conversation with Azieza in passing. But, she could not take a hint. He has tried many tactics in getting her to talk to him and even to hang-out - ALL TO NO AVAIL.

He has done the following:
1) Brought donuts & other treats for their weekly meetings, offer them to her only to have her refuse. And, if you knew Azieza, she never says no to food.
2) Set-up an office outing to the newly opened Top Golf and hinted to everyone including Azieza to be there for the opening, and she never acknowledged or accepted.

However, with all disappointing love stories, especially in the case of this with a rather long courtship, there were a few things that made a difference for the two. And, it all started with "Cumming Day".

Cumming Day was basically a group effort among the Engineering folks (Ryan's team) and also people who liked to go workout in the gym downstairs (again, Ryan's friends), to go visit and see each other's neighborhoods. A couple of the folks in that group lived in Cumming, and this was the perfect opportunity for Ryan to invite Azieza to this group event (Mind you - Although she knew these people, she does not mingle with them much because she's in Marketing, and she does not workout) - because, Ryan found out that Azieza just purchased a house in Cumming several months back. BINGO. Azieza got invited to this event, and she ACTUALLY SHOWED UP! She was very skeptical at first because in the email thread, everyone mentioned that they were bringing a +1, except herself and Ryan. She remembers thinking, if he shows up with a girlfriend, that's ok.. it will still be fun. And so it begun. They had an amazing time and they found out that they had a lot of things in common. Before they left for the night, they still had not exchanged numbers, so they bid farewell as normal.

Fast forward 1 month later, still nothing from Ryan. Azieza was hoping he made another move. It finally happened on a late Wednesday night. They were both working late (online), when Azieza saw a tiny little window appear in the corner of her screen. She can't remember the exact words as her memory is a little hazy, but it said something like this, "You shouldn't be up this late when you have an early meeting in the morning".

After talking for hours for at least 2 days straight - Ryan still has not asked for Azieza's number. She about gave up on this guy because they left the IM conversation at 'We should hangout again sometime soon".

Forever later (It felt that way), Azieza sets up a meeting with Ryan to go-over work-related stuff. At this point, she was over him. "This guy talks so much but he hasn't even asked for my number and has not even asked me out yet". We met that Friday afternoon and then left to go back to our desks. This time, once again like dejavu, a tiny little window appears.

"So when are we going to get those drinks?"


"I'm free tonight. Are you?"


"Great - Let's meet at Bartaco 5:30 PM"

They had such a great date. It started off as a happy-hour but it turned out so well that they extended it to a date. Their cars got booted that night which sucked but, Azieza's unrealistic romantic side thought that it was almost the universe's way of telling them that they are bound for life. She knew that he was going to be her forever.

From that fateful day, they extended their courtship even longer but everything fell in the right places, at the right times. The stars aligned and magic happened. Ryan and Azieza became inseparable and let's just say, the rest is history.

In June 2016, Ryan and Azieza welcomed their first-born son, Alden Marc Williams. He is the apple of their eyes. Their love for each other deepened as they saw their equal embrace their new role naturally and wholeheartedly. The support they received from friends & family during this auspicious time was also tremendous; They truly felt loved by all.

Ryan and Azieza's union is not only connected by their son ordained by God, but also they are joined together with their families. Ryan's family became Azieza's and Azieza's became Ryan's. With that, they would like to say thank you to their friends and families for the support and above all, the love they have showered the couple with . They feel truly blessed.

The wedding of Ryan & Azieza will be a celebration. It will be a celebration because they are tying the knot finally (Am I right?). And, most importantly, it will be a celebration of LOVE.

Thank you to our guests that are coming from near and far and we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with us on October 12th 2018.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love - Rumi

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Williams.


Petra Kern